About Us

We love to have fun at SYNTH7, but even more importantly we like to helpĀ other people have fun. That’s the guiding principle we’re using in our first project, and will be the primary thought driver for future games. We come from a background of building and marketing web sites in the corporate world, and that’s been a great place to grow and learn.

This site has a couple of purposes, (1) to share what we learn with the broader indie developer community as we architect our games and fledgling business, (2) to share updates on our first working title as it progresses and to provide a place for feedback from the community.

Here are some things you can expect from the games we develop:

  1. Gameplay that’s easy to understand but with depth for those who want it
  2. A storyline worthy of your time
  3. Inspiring artwork (we have yet to find the right artist)
  4. Just the right music to enhance the mood (looking for a motivated musician still)
  5. A commitment to our community that games will run well on the environments we support

Check back on our blog soon for updates, we’ll be posting multiple times per week!