Just Another Indie Game Studio Learn with UsIt starts with two guys with a passion for gaming. Toss in a background in building and marketing on the web, and some ideas on how to help other people have fun, and you have SYNTH7 –  an indie gaming studio working on its first idea.

While we aren’t ready to talk about our first idea yet, we’ll be sharing information with you about the process we’re going through to build the game and start our new business. Our hope is that other indie developers just starting out can benefit from what we learn. We’ll also post news we find interesting with some of our perspective on how it impacts us (and likely other indie developers) or new opportunities we see in the marketplace.

Right now we’re spending a lot of time reading about which platforms will work best for developing our game in (hint: right now we’re leaning toward Unity).  We’re also quickly recognizing the need for good communication, community building, and some old-fashioned marketing so that we’re able to connect with the audience most interested in our game concept.

This article over at GamesBrief by Paul Taylor, 12 business tips for indie game developers caught my attention because of its succinct summary of what it will take to succeed. There are exceptions (Minecraft anyone?), but in general we’re realizing a good idea for a game and even the skills to develop it often aren’t enough. Though it conflicts with the creative spirit a bit, we’re recognizing that a little bit of business acumen helps too, and that’s how we’re planning to move forward at SYNTH7.

Like many other indie developers, we’re also balancing our dream with our day jobs. That means we may move a little bit slower than we’d like, but our hope is to have the most basic prototype working in the next several months.

That in mind, here are our initial goals:

  1. Network with other indie developers and gamers

  2. Build a working prototype of the game

  3. Continue to refine gameplay

  4. Officially start a small business

  5. Find an artist

  6. Find a musician


photo credit: B Tal via photopin cc